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be worked out i▓n the future."Another issue, he said, is the physical▓ examination of patients."One of the difficulties with te▓lemedicine is you can't do physical exams, so we have to rely on our colleagues to relay the findings to us," he said. "But the most important thing is ▓that we develop standards of care."Despite the ▓challenges, both Lucci and Bukowski value the bus▓iness opportunities in China, saying that by closely working with Chinese physicians, the U.S-Chin▓a collaboration on telem

edicine can be beneficial for both."Nowadays, Chinese physicians are coming to the MD Anderson Cancer Cente▓r on weekly basis," said Lucci, adding that more exchange▓s between the two countries would promote the development of telemedicine business.Pleas

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emand for pastry cooks, ski-related skillsFarmers in Beijing's northwestern Yanqing district are attending occupational training classe▓s,

ently."But there a

with support from the local government, so they'll be ready to help out during the 2022 Winter Olym▓pics.The district's human resources bureau sa▓id the plan is to train 100,000 people by 2022, at a r▓ate of 20,000 a year.Two types of vocational training are offered: Western-style baking and pastry-making, and ski equipment cleaning and maintenance. The training is design▓ed to help local farmers better serve the Games and improve their job prospects as ski ▓tourism takes off in the area.Yanqing, 74 kilometers▓ northwest of central Beijing, will host several events in▓ 2022, including Alpine skiing, bobsled, skeleton an▓d luge."The training is being provided on the basis of what farmers in Yanqing need. And there's an urgent need for local residents to have the skills training befo

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re the events approach," said Xu Xi, director of Beijing's Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, which is superv▓ising the program.Xu said the training will be conducted by two vocational schools in Beijing, and that the farmers will also receive training in language an▓d etiquette.Yanqing farmer Guo Junhua, 34, i▓s an av

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